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Create DIY Scarf Mask using Kae & Cami Scarf Clip

Food for this temporary normal, we are all faced with many challenges. Wearing face covers in public is the newest one. The prospect of wearing countless disposable masks is dreadful, unsustainable and terrible for the environment. Serious consideration must be given to using washable and reusable masks. Better yet, let's try to feel and look more like ourselves by making use of our favorite scarves from our closets. The perfect thing... cotton, breathable, washable and stylish too! Here's an easy way to make a DIY scarf mask. Just grab your patented Kae & Cami scarf clip and your favorite scarf and start designing your new looks. Move from scarf mask to scarf style in moments. The video will give you the basics...honestly as easy as 1-2-3. Safety and style in one. Who said we needed to give up fashion? #facemasks #facecoverings #DIYfacecovering #DIYfacemask #scarfmask #kaeandcami

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