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Like most ideas, Kae & Cami scarf clips and magnetic brooches came out of trying to solve a common fashion problem...

The idea was born in the closet of the Kae & Cami creator, Debbie Sullivan. While trying to solve a common fashion dilemma, she was hung up on the problem of making a shirt “fit” without tying a knot or using a ponytail holder. Putting her and her daughters' imaginations to work, they came up with our solution. 

Now, Kae & Cami is a patented magnetic jewelry and scarf accessory line that helps fit and style your scarf masks, tops, scarves, pashminas, head wraps, cover-ups, dresses and more. 

Currently, we have re-imagined our scarf clip to fit the need for scarf masks mandatory in public spaces. The scarf clip is the perfect accessory to achieve a stylish look for your outfit and provide peace of mind while navigating public spaces. No need to sacrifice style with your DIY creation. 


Kae & Cami is named for Debbie's daughters, Kaelyn and Camryn, who inspire her with their intuition and beautiful spirit. 


Kae & Cami is a company that is dedicated to making ALL people of ALL shapes, sizes, genders, etc. feel BEAUTIFUL.


Thank you for your interest in our products! Stay safe. 

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