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Scarf Masks


Scarf Masks with flair. Create your personalized mask with your own scarf using a patented Kae & Cami Scarf Clip. The ultimate DIY style for outings in public spaces. Watch our video to learn the easy steps to securing a comfortable, washable and breathable face mask which follows CDC guidelines. Simplify your wardrobe by combining safety and style in one step. 



Create your unique look with any outfit. Our inspirational magnetic brooches give shine, sparkle or flair to whatever you wear. Make a beautiful impression with our statement jewelry.

Cute & couture

Whether you're rockin' a swimsuit cover up or you're going to the Met Gala, our magnetic brooches compliment your unique statement. From jeweled insects to styled scarves -- we're bringing brooches back.

“My outfits lacked "pop." Now, I can change up my look with a simple switch. I love that their interchangeable and the possibilities are endless.”

megan -- Buffalo, ny


kae and cami



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